Encounter and friendship

The Center for Advanced Social Research / CISAV is a community of students and academics who are eager to serve people and society through their passionate search for truth.

We are convinced that through friendship we can renew our sight and sensitivity on the effort involved in the building of a rigorous rationality, while remaining open to an ever wider reality.

Therefore, CISAV offers a meeting space and high-level academic training aimed at answering the most important questions that grant meaning to a person’s existence.

We’ve established ourselves through a set of clear foundational guidelines, among which “serving  humanity by means of our programs”, stands as the most important.

A new scenario

The present time represents a full change of era. The cultural crisis makes itself evident in widespread confusion and lack of meaning that makes all questions regarding our identity and future, urgent to resolve.

Ongoing developments in the fields of science and technology have proven our capacity to transform reality; while at the same time, they’ve repeatedly exceeded important limits connected with human dignity. This assessment has led us to create a research center that is unique in its philosophy and methodology.

A search that becomes a mission

Our mission is primarily achieved through high-level research and graduate education. We understand the importance of an interdisciplinary workspace where humanities, social sciences and others experimental disciplines connect in order to reveal the essence of the human persona.

Biologists, Philosophers, medical Doctors, Sociologists, Lawyers, Historians, and scholars from many other fields converge in our community to offer our students long term research programs and academic projects that familiarize them with the dialogue and collaboration between different specialities.

Moving towards the edge

In science, as in many other human activities, comfort zones can be found. In contrast, the issues and problems that we study, lie at the limit between research and the new challenges that humanity faces.

All of our programs emphasize on the importance of adventuring into unexplored areas, emerging paradigms and uncomfortable questions.

Using modern technological tools and instructional methods that recover the importance of people as individuals , we encourage habits that allow students and teachers to develop critical thinking, allowing them to reflect upon themselves.

A unique experience

CISAV doesn’t exist for itself. Our mission is to offer a meeting point while providing an educational path for anyone who is willing to conduct serious academic work in the company of others, all the while remaining open to dialogue, multicultural coexistence and a passionate search for truth.

If you would like to become a member of this community, do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about the different academic plans we offer.

We can assure you that CISAV offers an experience that will transcend not only your professional interests, but drive you into the heart of the humanizing impulse needed by society.

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